Ignorant Proposals

Senator Brooks predicts that a bill that seeks to deny attention to undocumented pregnant women will not go beyond commissions.

Local Writing

Democratic Senator Michael Brooks predicted that the bill introduced by Republican Senator Paul Scott to end the “Soon to be Sooner” bill, which provides prenatal care to low-income mothers, including undocumented mothers, is destined to die without debate in the full Senate.

According to the Hispanic Senator and immigration lawyer, Scott’s proposal is full of “prejudices and ignorance,” but he does not believe that this proposal will reach the full Senate for debate.

“I don’t think I’m wrong, but many of the bills that are presented early are made just to create press coverage and that’s what I think this bill is for Senator Scott to be very strong on immigration issues,” Brooks said.

Brooks said part of his mission on Capitol Hill is to show a different perspective

To show the values of the immigrant community for the state of Oklahoma, which is vital, not only in Oklahoma City, but in the rural areas of the state, which is where Senator Scott comes from.

“The church where I go teaches me to see the face of Jesus Christ in all people, no matter where they come from. And that all human beings deserve dignity. Unfortunately there are those who surely go to churches where they are not taught that. I believe that there will always be people on both sides of an issue and when you see that there are people with ideas that are ignorant, the best thing you can do is educate them to change their minds,” the senator said.

“If, for some reason, the bill passed the plenary session, I would say that all children in the state of Oklahoma must be cared for and that the children who come to this world in this country are American citizens to whom attention must be paid no matter what,” the Democrat concluded.

Kay Floyd, leader of the minority in the Senate, said on her own behalf that she would oppose the type of language used by Senator Scott in this bill and that she would do her best not to let it pass.

The Norman Trancript newspaper has done what very few Oklahoma Hispanic “leaders” have done

Protest very strongly against Senator Paul Scott’s proposal to end a prenatal care program for poor and undocumented women in Oklahoma.

The newspaper said in an editorial that “Every year legislators present a series of bills that are a real waste of time. These useless pieces of legislation won’t see the light of day, but they do give us an idea of the kind of people we send to the capitol,” the editorial said.