Some tips to stop anxiety

It is very important that you stop wanting to control, remove, fight, suppress or eliminate anxiety quickly and with a miracle method, because what you think… that only increases your anxiety.

The first step is that on one hand you stop when the anxiety comes, and accept absolutely everything you are feeling, stopping what you are doing, finding a space for you, to sit down, close your eyes and feel.

This is the most difficult step and at the same time the most powerful, because you will lose the fear of anxiety, is the beginning of how to cure anxiety and above all stop increasing it by wanting to fight it, and you will see that by letting it be in your body … it will decrease by itself.

On the other hand, you need to make a stop in your life and accept what is happening with you, you need to give yourself space and time to evaluate why you have generated anxiety.

Anxiety is the consequence of living a long time with accumulated stress inside us, and stress is generated when we need to face a danger, when we put our body on alert.

Sometimes those dangers are real… and most of them are caused by our irrational beliefs that put us in non-existent danger.

This causes us to lose our balance in many ways, and that’s where anxiety comes in, something that anxiety means to us is that we need to regain our balance.

In the moments you feel anxiety, regain your balance through diaphragmatic breathing. And then, in your life, you need to recover your physical and emotional balance, in the use of your time, in your interpersonal relationships.

Anxiety is generated mainly because we think things that are not true, because we believe in beliefs that are not true, because we anticipate a future that is not yet here, we worry about situations that are not yet happening.

Anxiety can be also amplified from coffe, tea, and other organic ingredients. Try to relax when you drink coffee. I found this spanish site, zumobatido, that will show you how to decorate your coffee to chill you

Locating yourself in reality means that you identify what the negative thoughts are and learn to deny them, locate your deep beliefs that are generating self demand, control or protection, and at the same time, you learn to live in the present moment, where reality is really happening.

For this step it is important that you learn to apply cognitive behavioral therapy tools to locate the distortions of your thoughts, and on the other hand, learn to meditate with mindfulness or with some other that helps you return to the present. These are all practices that support your path to healing anxiety.

In the moment you feel anxiety, placing yourself in reality means that you tell yourself the truth about what is happening in and around you, without magnifying or going into the future.