Don’t Let Them Make You Anxious

This week, after the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, the Spanish-language media declared, based on their sources, that Hispanics are “on the lookout” for those planning mass shootings. I immediately thought that I, too, could be a victim of some madman convinced by our president’s racist speeches. I don’t deny it, I got a little anxious.

The dictionary says that “anxiety is basically a defensive mechanism

It’s a human alert system for situations considered threatening. The function of anxiety is to mobilize the organism, to keep it alert and ready to intervene in the face of risks and threats, so that their consequences are not produced or minimized”.

In other words, we must begin to be distrustful, we must be attentive and look at anyone with a suspicious face, we must walk looking to the sides to see who is looking at me or chasing me, in short, lose confidence in the other and peace when I leave home.

Hispanics in this country are living a real mental health problem, anxiety, stress generated not only by government actions against immigrants, but now by the same citizens who took into their own hands the task of eliminating everything that does not make “America big again.

Many U.S. citizens have literally taken up that slogan with which the president sold his candidacy, “Make America Big Again” and seek at all costs to reduce, suppress or eliminate everything that is not from here, from the U.S. My question is, who are the “here” ones really?

Immigrants who came here recently or a couple of decades ago are blamed for the ills of this country

No one is really interested in researching or learning from Hispanics’ contribution to this Caucasian culture and economy, they just want to see evils to justify their own inability to transform and reinvent themselves in the midst of diversity.

This country is not “pure” without mixtures, it has always been and will be diverse and the role of its leaders and governors is to learn and propose new ways of governing with the wealth brought from elsewhere for there IF “to make America great”.

It is not with strategies of fear that should be governed, creating nervousness and panic among immigrants will not cause the problem to be solved, because with fear or without fear, those displaced by hunger, poverty and abandonment of the governments of the world, will always be looking for a better place where they can live in peace and safety, and this country is, or perhaps it was, before this president.

For now I can only entrust myself to God and his protection, which is infallible

Nothing and no one can change the course of events without the divine will and NOTHING serves to live anxious or stressed thinking that I can be the “target” of some misfit.

We came to this country with a purpose: to get ahead and “make you want” and it is useless to live traumatized if in the end it is going to happen what has to happen.